Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Children

Dear Blog, I would love when I would actually use you to record my life and all the happenings in it. Here are some sayings and thoughts from the chidders so I don't forget... Amasa came into our room the other night and said his tummy hurt. I was semi-conscious. He then proceeded to throw up all over the bed, floor and nightstand. As Joe and I were cleaning up I mumbled, "where did that come from?" and Amasa answered in a pitiful tone, "from my mouth". It made the clean up process a little funnier. And tonite at bedtime he wanted a story but I didn't have time so I said I would tell him one not read him one and he said, "No don't read with your mouth, read with a book." Touche. Eliza has been doing some "interesting" book reports. The little form she fills out for a report asks the question: What lesson or moral can you learn from this story? Here is what she learned from The Lion King..."Never trust your uncle". Here is what she learned from Chester..."Don't dream too big." Nice. Yeah I would hate it if my child were to dream too big. Lily's shenanigans are in pronunciation since she's so little. If she wants you to tickle her feet she'll tell you, "kickle pete!" and wave said Petes in your face. That's all I can remember right now. I'm sure that Beth and Taylor have said or done funny things recently, but I don't recall. These crazy kids!