Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Maiden Voyage

aaahh....I have finally joined so many other individuals in the mass phenomenon that is blogging. It goes against pretty much everything that I am to do a blog, but I have been feeling impressed to start one for months now and I am tired of fighting.

I am going to start living my life "on purpose" as it were. I think this will help. Here are some things that I am excited about right now.......The Law of Attraction, my children, my husband, my life. That's weird, since I am coming out of a 3 year depression (more on that later maybe...) So part of the plan for my happiness is to share my life, no, CELEBRATE my life and the wonderful people in it, and share the neat truths that I have been learning, and I think a "blahg" is the way to do it. Plus, I can connect with some peeps that I haven't been keeping in touch with.

So....I am overwhelmed at building this up, but I will start simple. And hopefully keep it simple....