Friday, April 30, 2010

Blahg Blahg Blahg

Still trying to figure out this whole blog thing...

I was "encouraged" by my sister-in-law to post more, so she can read about my crazy life, I guess. The whole point of why I did this was to create some sort of accountability for myself, to try to grow and live my life with purpose instead of living it reactively, which is apparently the norm for me. And guess what? It became just one more thing for me to do. One more thing where I'm not sure WHAT the purpose is. Do I write on here for myself, to chronicle my life and my family? Do I write on here to entertain people? To educate them? I am such a weird control-freakish person that I feel like I need to know WHY I'm writing so I can write. I should prolly just let that go. Yeah.

So, here's what's going on in a nutshell: Doing transcription work at home, so the thought of getting on here and typing makes me a little nauseous, one more reason to not post on here. Everyone is healthy, T has bad allergies this time of year and has to be on a sort of antihistamine cocktail so her eyes don't swell up and pop out of her head. School is almost out, which the children are looking forward to and I am cautiously optimistic about. I'm singing in a community choir class at MCC and we are singing Faure's "Requiem", which I'm pretty sure is like the most beautiful music I've ever heard and I'm a little obsessed about. Joe just had Bike Week up in Scottsdale, so he's been busy, and cranky, always a fun combo. I've got a doula client due in about a month, so I'm excited about that, but wish I had more clients, wish I could start my midwifery apprenticeship now...

I get to go over to my daughter's friend's house today and learn some Spanish and learn how to make homemade tortillas so I am excited about that, excited about my Requiem concert on Sunday, excited about meeting with friends for games and pizza Saturday night. Yet still managing to feel a little down and negative today. I think my brain needs a shower and a good minty scrub, followed by a direct IV of chocolate to the cortex.

There you go Clarissa, I wrote on my blahg today!